Weekly Schedule

The course covers four broad areas:

Foundations: Cultural Heritage & Information -> in which we lay the groundwork for what this course will explore, its larger contexts, and what the major research questions are.

Representations -> in which we consider the ways cultural heritage is represented and the creative work of curation and interpretation

Creative Engagement -> in which we develop our own cultural heritage informatics infrastructure and explore the ways such infrastructure permits research and creativity

Money -> in which we consider how to measure, why, and why it matters

The precise content for a given week will emerge from our engagement in the course. Stay tuned, and check in often!

01. January 11
Getting Started
02. January 18
Curiosity and the Course Schedule
03. January 25
Prepping Your Materials
04. February 1
Continue to Prep Your Materials
05. February 8
Async Seminar Is Go!
06. Feburary 22
Async Seminar Continues
07. March 1
Async Seminar Continues
08. March 8
Async Seminar Concludes
09. March 15
Let's Build
10. March 22
Data Wrangling
11. March 29
Some Visualization